Healenium improves stability of Selenium-based test cases, handling changes of updated web elements

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Selenium tests are often difficult to maintain due to instability. Self-healing test automation with Healenium fixes the traditional problems that teams face when adopting Selenium. The result: stable and smart Selenium testing with less effort
Frameworks Compatible with Healenium
Improves Stability of Selenium-Based Automated Tests
Replace broken locator value with one that best matches & fixes tests in runtime
Minimize Maintenance Time
Minimize maintenance time of test automation code related to updated web pages and non-functional fails
Makes CI pipeline green
Improves CI pipeline stability reducing the testing stage failures due to non-product related issues
We can bring efficiency into your test automation
Healenium allows to overcome the problem of instability of autotests and spend less time for automation scripts support.
Adopts test to UI changes
Self-healing capabilities allows to replace "broken" locator with a new value and fix test in runtime.
Improves E2E tests stability
UI changes will not affect automated E2E tests stability
Updates test code base
IntelliJ IDEA plugin updates controls with new values in the code base in just one click
Supports advanced features
Healenium supports parallel test run, remote test run, IFrames, Actions and Selenide integration
Visualize controls state
Provides detailed reporting with fixed control values and screenshots
Test on mobile
All of these features are available for mobile testing as well
How Healenium works?
~ Healenium integrates with Test Automation Framework for frictionless Selenium testing

~ Handles NoSuchElement test failures: In runtime replaces failed control with a new value that matches the best and performs an action with replaced control successfully;

~ Can be easily configured by just wrapping your Selenium driver with SelfHealingDriver. Usage of ML algorithm for page changes identification will help to find controls (new locators) for updated pages and fix your tests in a runtime.

~ Friendly reporting and Healenium plugin for Intellij IDE brings visibility of controls state and provides an ability to update "broken" locators automatically in the code base.
Healenium is Open source solution but the support comes up with following plan
  • 10 services hours
  • 6 month commitment
$1000 / per month
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  • 25 services hours
  • 3 month commitment
$2000 / per month
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FAQ About Healenium
  • 1
    Will Healenium work with my test automation framework?
    Healenium will work with any kind of Java + Selenium-based test automation framework.
  • 2
    How can I try to use the product?
    Follow installation instructions on GitHub
  • 3
    Can I use it for mobile automation?
    Yes, there is an adapter that supports Appium-based testing solutions
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About Healenium
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